At An AIM for Seva Free Student Home

Students at an AIM for Seva Free Student Home don’t merely board there; they are active members of the community. They are initiated into healthy practices that keep them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Bhursingh Kuswah, labourer and Bhuribai Kuswah, part-time kirana store and part-time labourer, Dewar, M.P. Two sons, Vikram and Balram, live in AIM for Seva Student Homes in Bhopal and Hoshangabad. “AIM for Seva is a godsend for people like us. It has given us a new future. Now, even we can hope that our sons will be well employed, and we can eat well without worrying about the next meal.”

Danubhai Kotila, labourer, Gidasan Village, Amreli District, Gujarat. His sons have been studying at the AIM for Seva Boys Student Home at Amreli, for the past four years. “After joining the AIM for Seva student home, my sons have improved a lot in everything, in culture, in studies, everything. The environment there is very nice. Whenever he comes home for the holidays, he can’t wait to go back to the student home!”

Here’s what this young girl, Seema Rawat from our Student Home has to say about her future: “I want to become a computer engineer when I grow up. Not just that, I also want my parents and my school to feel proud of my achievements.” 

“S. Muthuprakash of our Sembangudi FSH has done us proud by topping the school with 95.6% marks in his Class 12 board exams! A very quiet, disciplined boy, his ambition is to become a doctor and serve in rural India.” 

Academics: Children are provided with after-school coaching, mostly in Math, Science and English. Older students also assist younger students with their studies.

V. Balachander, Mathematics Teacher at the Government Tribal Residential School, Anaikatti, where most of the children from the AIM for Seva Tribal Boys and Girls Student Homes study. “The students from the home are clearly better behaved. If there is a problem with their studies, you can have a conversation with them. The children are also better in academics. At the home, they receive a lot of care and extra coaching as well. And what’s more important, students from the AIM for Seva Student Home hardly ever take a day off. And that reflects in their final result: The first rank in the Standard X board exams in the entire school was bagged by Muthuprakash, a boy from the AIM for Seva Student Home.”

Values: Values are an integral part of life in an AIM for Seva FSH. Children across the country follow a schedule that focusses on imbibing values from our ancient storehouses of knowledge while simultaneously maintaining a secular outlook.

Shambulal Gop, tutor, Baldev Raj Papneja AIM for Seva Boys Student Home in Jabalpur. He has been tutoring the children for four years and is also purusing his master’s degree in physics.  “This is really the meaning of seva. I have seen many AIM for Seva student homes, and I can attest that the children are well taken care of everywhere. Sometimes, the children come to the home with no knowledge of even basic addition or subtraction. But when you teach them in a simple and friendly way, they understand everything. And that is what AIM for Seva has been doing, not just with studies, but also with culture and life skills.”

Sports: Free of strenuous household chores, our students find the time to indulge in sports and physical activity. These activities not only help maintain good health but also create a sense of camaraderie in the homes.

Arts: Children at AIM for Seva FSH are exposed to different ways of self-expression. Music, dance and arts form part of their routine. The arts help our children express themselves creatively.