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Please donate generously this year, especially to support continuing Covid-19 efforts and supplying essential items.  $500 transforms a child.

AIM for Seva 2022 Donation

General FAQ and Latest NEWS

AIM for Seva and ICC for Sevathon 2022 – Take Steps, do Yoga, or Dance to Transform Lives!

Lace up and join the walkers, runners and  yogis,  as musicians come together to support the activities of their favorite non profit organizations. The music, dance, entertainment, food and fun make this a memorable event for the whole family to enjoy while they support a worthy cause.

Date: Aug 28th, 2022
Venue: Vasona Park.
Events : Walk or Run 10K or 5K, Yoga, Dance-a thon

Please  REGISTER and choose AIM for Seva .
Family members can enjoy being spectators and cheer the participants, and enjoy the Music and Fun activities.
Join us at the booth at any time during 8.00am till 2.00pm and spread the AIMS message of “Transforming Rural India, One Child at a Time”
Contact Raji Sridhar in case of questions: raji.seeker@gmail.com

AIM for Seva Annual Event – Save the date, Sat  Nov 19th, in Bay Area

Abby V and local artists will be providing entertainment.  Enjoy this wonderful song

AIM for Seva video clip and Vision presentation

Link: AIM for SEVA Presentation with recent Bay Area contributions

AIMS Vision and Activities

AIM for Seva Student Testimonials

Lojit Kumar: See Video 
Kedar Todve: See Video
Balaram: See Video
Gayatri: See Video
Divya: See Video

Typical Day in our Chatralaya

Student life at the free student homes or Chatralayam has the additional benefit of structure and consistency. Students are assured nutritious meals and sufficient sleep, as well as, time to recreate and play, read and study with tutoring assistance if needed.
This holistic approach increases their academic success resulting in a much better quality of life for them and their families in the future.
Join AIM for Seva and change rural India, one child, at a time! Make a donation of support today:

AIM for Seva transforms a child’s journey

21 years back, AIM for Seva instituted and established the Chatralayam (free student hostel) model to address and resolve the issues that restrict children from rural and tribal parts of India from accessing schooling and education.

Today, in the light of the disruption to education effected by the COVID pandemic and lockdown, this is the best way to ensure children go to school and stay there.

READ MORE: AIM for Seva’s ‘Chatralayam’ model – Why it is effective in keeping India’s rural and tribal children in school (linkedin.com)

Please download and share these colorful brochures for all those who may be interested.
AIM for SEVA Mini Brochure
Aim for SEVA_Full Brochure

Excellent Opportunities for Leaving a Family Legacy

AIM for Seva (AIMS)is offering attractive options for leaving legacies for our loved ones. Until now, AIMS has focused on building “Chatralaya” Free Student Homes in remote areas to housing young children free of cost for several years until they become young adults. Over 100 have been built and a dozen more are being constructed. In addition, we have built two large “Vidyalaya” complexes. These complexes consist of high school, even a college, free housing for boys and girls, technology center and fleet of buses to bring day scholars from as far as 30 miles. The result is a much bigger impact on a larger community. Buoyed by this success, we have now started detailed planning for 3 more such complexes, in Karnataka, in Uttarakhand and in Maharashtra.  See thisVidyalaya Presentationfor details

Just in the last few weeks, we have received very good responses for these projects. Sponsorship of the school, student housing, either full or partial, are open for dedication to the memory of our loved ones. An attractive feature of the legacy is once built the ongoing operational costs are borne exclusively by AIMS, requiring no additional assistance. Our COO, Srini Raman has been doing video calls, to give details about this opportunity to make difference. We have requested him to do similar calls to our Bay Area donors. Please send an email to  goelrani@hotmail.com to indicate your interest in understanding the vision. Bay Area donors are pledging very generously, and have sponsored several of the projects within these Vidyalayas already, so join the team.



Continuing Appeal for Medical Supplies and Covid support in India

AIM for Seva transforms the lives of children in rural India through its chatralaya, or free student homes, which provide a loving, nurturing environment and access to value-based education, quality health care, and life-enriching cultural, spiritual and recreational programming. https://aimforsevausa.org/

Our coordinators across India continue to provide relief supplies, groceries and essential items to the migrant workers, elderly, unemployed and other people from the economically weaker sections of the society.
There is still great need for food and safety essentials as various states of India remain in lockdown and the people in rural villages have no access to fresh food and grocery essentials. A donation of just $25 provides a grocery kit to feed a family of five for a month. Feed 10 families with a $250 donation or 20 families with a $500 donation.

Please see this video clip of our efforts.
See this Newsletter of recent efforts
Also latest NEWS about all other activities, including “Feed Rural India

Pujya Swami Dayanandaji’s 91st Jayanti celebrations

This is a special event of a musical video release of Swamiji’s compositions. Abby V has made a beautiful 30 minute musical video consisting of medley of the compositions and a couple of Swamiji’s songs.


Transforming Rural India one One child at a time 

Transforming Rural India One Child at a time

(click image for video)

More videos below

AIM for Seva Thanks You

More aims for seva impact videos here

Please donate generously this year, especially to support Covid-19 efforts. Sponsor a child for only $500.

AIM for Seva 2022 Donation

Annual Good Karma Walk/Run for AIM for Seva 2021 

The Good Karma Event raised about $75K, which was distributed to Sewa Intl and local charities.
The volunteers from the east coast did  a wonderful and tireless effort. We are so grateful to them.
Thank you all who participated in the fun event and raising awareness.

Partnership with Sewa International and Rotary International for Covid, Oxygen delivery 2020-2021 programs 

Sewa International is a faith-based, humanitarian, nonprofit service organization since 1989 and is active in 20 countries. Sewa serves humanity irrespective of race, color, religion, gender or nationality. We specialize in disaster relief and rehabilitation. Our development programs focus on family services; child, tribal and refugee welfare; women empowerment; health; and education. sewausa.org.  Please see the attached image for progress and longer term plans.Together we are teaming together for COVID relief in India and in the U.S. through local, community-based charities. Please do what you can to help the people who need our help.  More information about the Sewa Intl Project

AIM for Seva Also partnered with Rotary International in its efforts to provide a longer-term solution for the people of India through the building of oxygen generators. Matching grant funds were leveraged and added to your $30,000 in total donations, resulting in the $120,000 investment needed to build an oxygen generation plant to serve a 200-bed hospital in the city of Coimbatore, India

Bhāvaye Paramātmānam 2020 Event - Concert to support AIMS, was viewed world wide.


Despite major challenges,  many of these goals were met and even superseded.


Please donate generously again this year 2022, Sponsor a child for 1 yr only $500, and 7 years for $3500

AIM for Seva 2022 Donation


Read more of their stories HERE


CURRENT SITUATION in Challenging times - Mid 2021

First and foremost, thank you for your kind support of the life-transforming work of AIM for Seva. Your generous contribution is impacting the most disadvantaged children of rural India, allowing them to discover their interests, pursue their dreams, and realize their full potential.  We want to keep you informed of the situation in this most challenging times.

  • 95% of the 4,000 students living in our 104 chatralayas (free student homes) have returned to their family homes and are safe & healthy. We keep in touch with them on a regular basis.
  • We continue to provide on-line education to our students where applicable until school re opens later this year.
  • We provided food and supplies to thousands of migrant workers, in rural India, during the pandemic situation.
  • Here in USA, we partnered with SEWA International in providing non-medical help such as donating masks to healthcare professionals, delivering groceries for senior citizens, providing travel & accommodations to stranded visitors and psychological counseling to many who needed our help during these challenging times.

As a valued donor, we want you to know how your contribution is being invested and the difference it’s making …


  • We educate 9,000 children per year in our 104 chatralayas and 7 educational institutions across 16 states of India and 90% of our students graduate from high school.
  • Our 6 health care facilities serve 150,000 patients annually, from common ailments to performing surgery.
  • We serve 5 million meals (anna dānam) each year and invest 80,000 hours in shaping the life of a child through our value-based education (vidya dānam).
  • Our work has impacted over 20 million lives across 2,300 villages over the last 20 years of our seva.


  • Twelve more chatralayas (free student homes) are under construction, with completion set for 2021.
  • Three residential school campuses (vidyalayas) are planned, with each campus comprising of a high school and a boys’ & girls’ hostel as part of our five-year plan, with a long-term strategy of such campuses in every state of India.
  • This unprecedented and innovative approach will allow us to increase our reach within rural India and bring our comprehensive care and proven value-based curriculum to a greater number of underprivileged children.

Your continued support is needed now more than ever as we work to deepen our reach and have an even greater impact on the children we serve.  We have earned Charity Navigator’s highest star rating for the fourth consecutive year, demonstrating our strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

Please donate generously this year, especially to support Covid-19 efforts. Sponsor a child for only $500

AIM for Seva achieves TOP 4-star rating SIX years in a row!!

AIM for Seva has earned Charity Navigator’s highest rating for the fourth consecutive year, demonstrating our …

  • Strong financial health
  • Commitment to accountability and transparency
  • Adherence to best practices
  • Consistent administrative, or overhead, costs of less than 5%

We are proud to announce that AIM for Seva USA has been awarded a four star rating for the third consecutive year by Charity Navigator, an independent external validating non-profit organization, for demonstrating strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency.

In the USA, there are about 1.2 million charities out of which about 8000 organizations get qualified to be evaluated by Charity Navigator every year. Only 24% of these have scored the TOP rating (four out of four stars) for three consecutive years. This achievement by AIM for Seva means that we outperform most charities in our area of work, and demonstrates exceeding of industry standards.

"This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator sets AIM for Seva apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness." says Charity Navigators's CEO, Mr. Michael Thatcher.

We could not have received this four star rating without you! Thank you for your donations, your time, and your good will. Your trust and support means a lot to us!

See charity navigator site here

AIMS has also been awarded India's Highest Honors for a charity, 2021

Pictures from Vijayji and Jugal/Bimla Kishore recent visit to Pedali and Manjakudi Projects, Feb 2020

see more pictures on this page

Your Support Matters

Leave a legacy by sponsoring a new FSH construction

With a $100K donation, drive the construction of a new facility and change the lives of a village and district around it. Shortlist of possible sites with great need have already been identified.  All detailed logistics and procedures will be handled by well organized teams, to make the process easy.  See this Pagefor more details.

Maintenance of 6 FSHs sponsored by SF Bay Area

Please see here for more details about the composition, location and updates of these FSH here.  Longer term endowments are highly appreciated.

Progress and updates of recent  projects

See the updates of recent FSHs here. See the progress of new construction of FSHs  and projects  here

2021 Donation

Online Credit card donations can be done using the link above.. Checks payable to “AIM for Seva” can be  sent to this address.
C/O Vijay Kapoor,  AIMS Director, Bay Area
28615 Matadero Creek Ct, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Thank you for  your continuing support for this worthy cause. If you can help in any volunteer capacity, please send an email to sudharsana.srinivasan@gmail.com for inquiries.

AIM for Seva, Vision and Activities


Lots of family fun at Sevathon,  Sept 8th 2019.

40 people came to  join outdoor fun and raise awareness for the  AIM-S seva projects.

Where: Arena Green East at 349 W. St. John Street, San Jose, CA 95110.

Children Helping Children Activities

Please see more details on  this Page