End of Year 2018 Donation Summary Report, AIMS Bay Area

I would like to give you a year-end report on how your financial help directly helped in transforming the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged children from remote villages throughout India.

The primary vision of the All India Movement for Seva is for people helping people directly, and not relying on institutions. Only then it can become a mass movement. We even select the managers of the students hostels based on their local ties, passion and empathy for those they serve.

The sage advice by Swami Dayananda, who started the movement was this: Be assured that both the contributor and the recipient are blessed. Also, to support your own offspring is good and natural; even birds and animals do it. To support someone else’s offspring is extraordinary, truly human and divine. We thank you for being a part of the movement. You may support many excellent charities. All the more the reason that we value your trust in AIM for Seva’s ability to run an efficient organization, and manage steady growth organically.

I am happy to report that you in the Bay Area provided the leadership in financial help in all of US. You donated over $340k in 2018, including a commitment for a massive new complex in Madhya Pradesh, the support for all the hostels we had direct responsibility for, and still have funds for other hostels. There are also early plans for some new hostels sponsored by Bay Area people. This is more than we expected, and we thank you.

Our US funding support footprint also continues to grow steadily. It may surprise you to know that in a short period of time, we now have 25 centers in US, with a similar event-based fund raising profile such as ours in the Bay Area. During 2018, we will have raised $2M from these centers alone, and $4M overall. This means we provide the annual support of over 7,500 students! For more details, please visit our AIMS projects pages, aimforsevabayarea.org

Finally, please mark your calendar: on Saturday, September 28, 2019 we will have our annual excellent cultural show, called Antaryatra to thank our donors. This has received rave reviews, and you will not want to miss it.

Warm regards and thanks. Vijay

Donations for the New Year 2019 can be mode on this link below.

Online Credit card donations can be done using the link above.. Checks payable to “AIM for Seva” can be  posted to this address.
C/O Vijay Kapoor,  AIMS Director, Bay Area
28615 Matadero Creek Ct, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Thank you for  your continuing support for this worthy cause. If you can help in any volunteer capacity, please send an email to sudharsana.srinivasan@gmail.com for inquiries.



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Recent Local fund raising Events

Aug 19th 2018  AIM for Seva 5K walk and activities were a lot of fun!! 

We had a lot of fun at the Sevathon on Sunday. Participants of all ages participated in the 5K walk.   Some of the enthusiastic participants included  Raji and daughter Harini, Vijay & Pammi Kapoor,   Kaveri, Raj & Meera,  Sharena & Scott with their 3 year-old Kavan, Sujata Dave, Sushma, Sulekha & friend,  and several other class students.   Thanks to all for stopping by the AIM-S booth. See more pictures here

Success Story from Solan, Shubham Sharma

Click to Enlarge

Shubham Sharma who lives in our Seva Niketan FSH Boys in Solan, Himachal Pradesh is about to complete his B.Com this year. He is running his own tuition center that provides after school academic help to students studying in 11th and 12th standards and B. Com. His average earning is now Rs.25,000 per month. He has supported his father’s health treatment and also paid off loans incurred by his family through his earning while continuing his education. As soon as he finishes his graduation, he wants to take up a rented apartment and support his sisters and a brother to continue their higher studies in college. Meanwhile, he supports us by helping our students in their everyday school homework. Shubham is an example of how one can earn even while learning. He is unstoppable and his act has motivated all other children living in the hostel.

AIM for Seva, Vision and Activities

Links to Progress Reports
Brief overview of AIM of Seva (pdf)
SFBA Annual Report of Progress in 2017

Your Support Matters

Near Term Mini Project Needs across FSHs for 2018

Funds are requested from US chapters to fund these near term mini projects.   SF Bay Area can certainly help.
a) Install smart Boards for School Class rooms:
Need 30 smart baords for 30 class rooms each costing $2,000.  Ideally the smart boards have to be fitted at the beginning of the school year. Total smart board project cost of $60,000
b) School class room furniture sets:
Need furniture sets for 10 new class rooms of $4,600 each. Total furniture cost of $46,000
c) School uniforms for Free Student Hostel children (FSH):
Need new uniforms (3 sets for each child) for 50 FSHs each costing $600. Total uniform cost for approximately for 2000 (50 FSH) children is $30,000

Please donate early for implementation this school year.

On going maintenance of 6 FSHs sponsored by SF Bay Area

Please see here for more details about the composition, location and updates of these FSH here.  Longer term endowments are highly appreciated.

Leave a legacy by sponsoring a new FSH construction

With a $100K donation, drive the construction of a new facility and change the lives of a village and district around it. Shortlist of possible sites with great need have already been identified.  All detailed logistics and procedures will be handled by well organized teams, to make the process easy.  See interviews below.  See bottom of this link for more details. Please connect with vijaykapoor@gmail.com if you want to know more details.

Recent Construction Projects Underway in India

$500,000 to AIMS by Sri Jugal and Smt Bimla Kishor

Bhumi Pooja at the new Padali Site
See the  wonderful project details here

FSH Sponsored by Smt. Kaveri Rangaraj

Enjoy Kaveri’s visit to the Free Student Hostel
Story and updates on this project here

Children Helping Children Activities

Children Helping Children Examples Please see more details here

Global Youth Leadership Program

This annual volunteer program is designed for high school & college students of USA, during winter holidays. They will travel
to Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, the birth place of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati and share their knowledge, skills and interact
with children from over 120 villages who attend Swami Dayananda Matric Higher Secondary School in Manjakkudi. More
details can be found at www.aimforsevausa.org/gylp
Please see more details here

Essential Support for enabling proper education

WHEN a child’s education is governed by distance to school, lack of learning support and issues of extreme poverty, just providing classrooms is not enough. AIM for Seva’s free student hostels tackle all these.


AIMS Organisation Achievements

Sheela Balaji gets Award

Outreach Achivements

AIMS FSHs Stories

See more news here