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Please donate generously this year, $500 transforms the life of a child for a year


Save the Date for this year’s Annual Bay Area Celebration Event, 2024
Event Date: Saturday, September 7th, 5.00pm.  please be seated by 4.50pm.
Event:  “Hé Govind”, an Ode to Krishna, Musical concert with Pandit Jayteerth Mevundi and Sri Pravin Godkhindi
Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center., 5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Promotional video clips, enjoy!
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Pandit Jayateerth Mevundi is an acclaimed Hindustani classical vocalist known for his powerful and soulful renditions of various ragas and compositions. Pandit is a small word to describe the glory of his music. He is a Gandharva (celestial musician) like Pt. Bhimsen ji and Pt. Kumar Gandharva ji. He will be accompanied on stage, by Sri Pravin Godkhindi, a world renowned flute player. And on Harmonium: Narendra L Nayak, Tabla: Ishaan Ghosh, Pakhawaj: Sukaj Munde, Side Rhythm: Suryakant Surve

Please donate generously this year, $500 transforms the life of a child for a year

Please register your intention to attend the event as a donor and guests.
RSVP E-passes will be sent to donors, 1 week before the event.
Contact: Rani Goel goelrani@hotmail.com,  +1 (408) 250 8576, for volunteering and other AIMS info

Come, be active at our Sevathon Outdoor Event, 2024
Event Date: August 25th
Event:  Sevathon
Venue: Vasona Park.

RSVP 10% early bird discound till July 31st

AIM for Seva Bay Area is part of the ICC group of non-profit organisation, supporting Sevathon.
Lace up your shoes, and Walk/Run/Yoga/Dance in the outdoors and connect with fellow participants in non-profits supporting activities in India.
Immerse yourself in breathtaking views as you traverse scenic routes carefully designed to provide an unforgettable race experience. Every step will be an adventure as you navigate through this picturesque trail.

Transforming Rural India one One child at a time 

Transforming Rural India One Child at a time

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AIM for Seva has a significant impact in rural India, by supporting the education and welfare of 9000 students and their communities. Our SFBayArea AIMS chapter in particular, sponsors multiple Chatralayas for boys and girls, to Nurture Educate and Empower rural children from remote villages. We are also sponsoring selected graduating students for a College education. Some very generous local donors are also funding construction of multiple sections in 3 new Vidyalaya projects. Another important initiative is to raise the funds necessary nationwide to build much-needed new Chatralayas to bring our holistic care and programming to a greater number of children in rural and tribal communities of India. Your gifts to our SFBayArea Chapter will also help support the four AIM for Seva hospitals in offering free or subsidized care to rural population
Please give generously to this noble cause. All donations go towards enabling a child’s education, books, healthcare, room, board, clothes, and all incidentals that a child may need to succeed.

$500 Covers the care of a child for a whole year!!,   NURTURE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER

AIM for Seva Colorful Brochures

Please download and share these Colorful brochures for all those who may be interested.
AIM for SEVA Mini Brochure -16 pgs (new)
AIM for SEVA Mini Brochure – 2pgs
AIM for SEVA_Full Brochure
Sandhya Gurukulam Brochure 2022
AIM for Seva’s ‘Chatralayam’ model – Why it is effective in keeping India’s rural and tribal children in school (linkedin.com)
Special Newsletter – Maharastra
Special Newsletter – Rajasthan
Special Newsletter – Madhya Pradesh
Colorful newsletters from India

Various AIMS activities and Projects

Maintenance of 6 FSHs sponsored by SF Bay Area

Please see here for more details about the composition, location and updates of these FSH here.  Longer term endowments are highly appreciated.
See the updates of recent FSHs here. See the progress of new construction of FSHs  and projects  here

Videos of our Story

Spreading smiles
Sw Dayananda,Bhajans
More AIM for seva impact videos here

General FAQ and Latest NEWS

AIMS for Seva has a number of Chatralayas and 2 new Vidyalaya (school) projects underway in Maharashtra State.  Click this new report to learn more

Recent article published in Indica News, a digital publication, regarding AIM for Seva Circle event held in Bay Area on April 30th,2023, and other FAQs

AIM for Seva achieves TOP 4-star rating SIX years in a row!!

AIM for Seva has earned Charity Navigator’s highest rating for the sixth consecutive year, demonstrating our …

  • Strong financial health
  • Commitment to accountability and transparency
  • Adherence to best practices
  • Consistent administrative, or overhead, costs of less than 5%

See charity navigator site here

AIMS has also been awarded India's Highest Honors for a charity, 2021

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