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GYLP Program 2019Children Helping Children

GYLP Program 2019

This annual GLOBAL YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (GYLP)  volunteer program is designed for high school & college students of USA, during winter holidays.

ELIGIBILITY: This program is open for high school students who have attended Purna Vidya Cultural Heritage Classes. Arsha Vidya Gurukulam camp participants and Aim For Seva student volunteers will be given a preference.

VISION: To shape global leaders of the future. GYLP program provides volunteering opportunities to students. GYLP participants work with rural children in India as well as partake in a cultural exchange.

DURATION OF TRIP: Two weeks in December, during the holiday break. 12/21/2019 to 1/5/2020 (Tentative)

LOCATION: SDET at village Manjakkudi, TN (birth place of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati).

EXPERIENCE: GYLP participants travel to rural India, stay in the villages, teach/learn with the children in a rural school, experience and appreciate each others opportunities to “give & receive” and eventually become contributing members of the society. Each GYLP participant will be given a class of students to teach spoken English, written English, hands on science concepts, Indian classical music & dance, history of USA and US sports.

RECOGNITION: AIM For Seva recognizes each participant with a certificate of 100 hours of voluntary service.

COORDINATOR: Srini V. Raman, Chief Operating Officer.

APPLICATION WINDOW & LINK: 1/15/2019 to 4/15/2019, Link to the Application Form.

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GYLP program article in India West

Aditya Kanakasabapathy (11th grade) who moved to Bay Area recently went on the GYLP trip Dec 2016. Both Aditya and his younger brother Niyanth back in NY collected bottles, recycled them and donated the money collected to AIM for Seva. They called this project – Bottles for kids. They collected $450 (with some matching funds) to sponsor a child for one year. Let’s hear from Aditya about his experience.
1. Tell us one story or experience that opened your eyes about these students in India
– When we went to some of the students’ homes, although their homes were very small, the children’s hearts were not. They would offer us what little food they had. They were content with what they had and were willing to share with others.
2. What was the biggest take away from this trip for the GYLP
students? If there is one or two things you had to mention. ……
– Don’t take anything for granted. Whether it be electricity, A/C, internet, school, or even a roof over your head, be thankful.
3. How was it visiting the Chatralayas (FSHs)?
– Visiting the Chatralayas was heartwarming to see the children really appreciate and be thankful for everything they are being provided. It’s amazing how a roof, a warm bed, a healthy meal, caring friends, and access to an education can change a child’s life. I got to see first-hand the effects of the fundraising done here in the US. Every dollar counts…
4. How did the experience impact you as youth from a different country and culture?
– As I said before, I’ve learned to not take anything for granted. Even though I have a lot of homework, and my phone battery is about to die, I remember that at least I have school to give me homework, and a phone to call.
5. If you could, would you go on this trip again?
– YES !!


 Children Helping Children


This innovative program gets your children involved in small projects in India, giving them a taste of charity and an opportunity to visiting India and seeing the results of their actions. Last year, Aria and Siana Kapoor collected $6,000 on their own and sponsored a computer center in Udaipur, then inaugurated it. This was more than just donations. It established an emotional bond far beyond money. We can help your children with all the details.

Computer Center sponsored by Aria and Siana Kapoor
Aria and Siana Kapoor raised $6000 to setup a computer center for the boys living in AIM for Seva’s Free Student Hostel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Aria (11 years old) created a website to promote the cause and to raise funds did a ‘Swim-a-thon’ where she swam 70 laps. Her sister Siana (10 years old) performed an ‘Adavu-a-thon’ where she presented a one hour classical dance. The girls flew down from the USA with their family and inaugurated the computer center in February 2017. The center has 7 Lenovo computers, a printer and a trainer to teach the children.
AIM for Seva, a registered public charitable trust, ensures that children go to school and stay in school. Through our successful model of Free Student Hostels we have been able to educate and empower the lives of over 30,000 children from rural India since our inception in 2000.
Spread across 16 states in India, we have 97 Free Student Hostels which provide complete care to children during the critical phase of their mental and physical growth, from Class 4 to Class 12. Nurturing environment, value education, academic coaching, nutrition, health and hygiene awareness, and much more that contribute to student’s growth.

How did you come up with this idea of doing an adavu-thon and a swim-a thon?
We have participated in many walk-a-thons to raise money for our school and have also made cards for veterans. This time we thought of taking the dance and swim way. Siana: I have been involved with Indian classical dance for 5 years. Aria: And I have been swimming for 6 years. I also participated in COOL (Community Outreach Organization and Leadership) at school. We collected and donated socks to a homeless shelter and Halloween candy to US troops.
Did they do some kind of a preparation before the event?
Siana: Aria designed the website on her own, and we got help on the content.
Aria: Papa’s friend helped us create a link for funds raised to go directly to AIM for Seva. We also made a poster to display at the events.
How was your experience in India?
Siana: This was our first trip to India. We really enjoyed it. It was a really unique experience. One of our favorite memories was visiting the Udaipur FSH. We played games with our new friends in Udaipur. Aria: Even though we didn’t speak a common language, we found it easy to interact. We loved the performances the kids had prepared.
Would you like to do such events in future?
Siana: We definitely want to do more events like this one. We hope to visit the FSH again in the future and perhaps visit another one in South India