FSHs sponsored by BADonations Outcome

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter supports the following Free Student Homes (FSH)


FSH Websites State # of Students Amount​
Dharmapuri (Boys) Tamil Nadu 38 $19,000
Pedapadu (Girls) Andhra Pradesh​ 28 $14,000
Chunchunakatte  Karnataka 40 $20,000
Solan (Boys) Himachal Pradesh​ 20 $10,000
Sheikhpura Bihar​ 45 $22,500
Amboli Maharashtra 36 $18,000

2019 numbers

FSH  specific Donor Report

Dharmapuri, Pedappadu, Chunchunakatte, Solan,  Sheikhpura, Amboli


Where did our Donations go?

The primary goal of our donation is to keep up the  annual maintenance cost and build up multi-year sponsorship for students.   Additionally  funds go towards  SF Bay Area sponsored Projects that include any “near term needs” across multiple FSHs  (see projects tab).  Funding  to construct a new FSH is always encouraged.

AIMS for Seva is pleased to communicate that our total student counts has increased from 3422 students in 2016 to 3619 students in 2017 in all of the 97 FSHs in India.  Team USA (all chapters) have taken up the goal of supporting 1812 students in 2017 in 52 FSH compared to 1509 students in 2016 in 50 FSH.

Bay Area has been assigned the above six (6) FSHs for annual support consisting a total of 207 children.

1. Bay Area has been assigned Amboli FSH in Maharashtra for annual support instead.