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Donation Appreciation Event, Dec 30th

General Plan:

10/30 conf call minutes

Attendees :

Vijay ji, Sudharsana, Kumud, Sushma, Madhu
(I am sorry, I did not catch everyone’s name who were on the call this evening. My apologies for that….I promise to soon recognize all the voices and names 🙂 )

Following are the topics we discussed on our call this evening. Actions items have been assigned to some team members, so please take note of that.

One item for Event Planning is in red as we do not have anyone assigned to the task yet

Fundraising :
1. Use a different title on draft note, a glitch in LI, VIjay ji did not receive the second newsletter.

2. Start drafting fund raising appeal emails – Kumud on Nov 10th

3. Add Sudharsana’s email id to Bay Area Chapter mailing group – Kumud (update this in LI ? )

4. Keep the old donation values or use the new updated ones from the website ? – Team prefers the information as has been shared for the past few years

5. The $15000 category – support a FSH for a year, is it a calculated value – Vijay ji to check with Srini

6. Let’s keep the categories in blue below :
Sponsor a child for one year – $450
Sponsor two children for one year = $900
Sponsor a child for seven years (till high school graduation) – $3150
Sponsor Health Care Expenses – $2500
Sponsor a Computer Lab for children – $5000
Sponsor a Solar Project for Green Energy – $5000
Sponsor a Classroom for High School – $15,000
Sponsor a Free Student Hostel expenses for a year – $15,000
Sponsor building of a Free Student Home – $100,000

7. Iron out / clarify how people will pay for the event – Vijay ji and Raj

Plan for receiving donations on the day,  is similar to what we had at the SM concert, perhaps a bit more so. Surendra will need to organize volunteers.
– 2 notepads for online payment via website
– 2 mobiles with new Paypal chip card readers (I will purchase when I get back) for donors paying by Credit card on the spot
– box for collecting any checks.
– Verizon hot spot for connectivity.

8. How do we want to do some fundraising at the event (Soft Fundraising) ? Need to discuss in a future meeting.

9. India West advertisement, monthly ad not happening as agreed upon. Kumud to put following 4 ads before Dec 30th :
– Kaveri interview
– Computer Lab Project Info
– The Kishors
– Mahesh Kale event (full page ad)

10. Advertise the Dec 30th event at the bottom of each advertisement in India West – Kumud

11. Initial draft of the Kaveri interview – Sudharsana
(Kumud to send the Kaveri interview materials to Sudharsana)

Event :
1. Venue : California Theater
Date : Sat, Dec 30th
Time : 4 or 4:30 p.m (TBD)

2. Get Mahesh Kale and accompanying artist bios from Srini – Sudharsana

3. Put together a flyer for the show – Kumud

4. Opening Prayer song by which group ? – who is taking the lead on this ?

5. Share the GYLP video with Vijay ji (share the video to lead the way introduce the Kishors) – Sudharsana

6. Testimonials – The Kishors, Kaveri, VIjay ji’s grand daughters

7. Dinner options – Sushma / Rani
– Can we have a vendor in the theater to sell food ?
– Are there rooms in the theater that we can use to have post event dinner on site, instead of having it at an external site
– Buffet dinner, sit down style for about 150 people
– If this theater option doesn’t work, then we can go with Four Points option
– Everyone pays for their dinner (exception – Artist and their families)

8. Will an event decorator be willing to work for this event as an in kind contribution to AIM for Seva – Sudharsana to check

9. Need to complete the application / agreement – Sushma to work with Srini




Earlier plan

  1. Keep the same format (note some differences) as in the previous years for Donation Appreciation Event
  2. Hold it in California Theater, Dec 30th
  3. Get someone to sponsor the expenses of California Theater. (about $12K? For that the sponsor will be featured in our advertising, come up to the stage and speak for 5 minutes.
  4. Have a banquet dinner afterward at a good nearby restaurant, like we did last year. We will pay for the bigger donors, and special guests. Others can pay for it at a subsidized cost.
  5. Promote the event not just as a thank you, but also to inform people about AIM for Seva, and give update on what is new.
  6. We will not say that there will no fund raising during the event. Our fund raising methods will remain the same, but in addition, we will make soft appeals even during the show.
  7. Recently I have seen appeals by surface mail too, and I think we should supplement our email appeals with surface mail appeals.
  8. We will go with some US-based, possible local artist(s). We need ideas from you.
  9. Classical or semi-classical vocal or instrumental music; same with dance. No comedy or modern dancing
  10. The format will be tweaked to include more testimonials, videos, personal appeals, examples of FSHs sponsored by Bay Area based people. Say 30-45 minutes
  11. The entertainment will be reduced to 1 hour
  12. Banquet at a good local restaurant. All donors above a threshold will be invited as guests. Others can pay for it.
  13. we will do the bulk of the fund raising in 2017> We will try to do the event in 2017, but it may spill over to January
  14. Will tailor appeals to different segments (such as Shankar Mahadevan attendees who have not donated before)
  15. We will form 2 teams – one focusing on fund raising, and the other on the event
  16. Will ask for volunteers who are focused on either of two segments
  17. Our communication will be a combination of WhatsApp, and Google Docs. Madhu is incharge of WhatsApp and Raj on Google Docs. Raj will send out invitations to join Google Docs this week. Next Monday night we will help anyone who is having any difficulty.


Group communications and Collateral Tracking materials

This spreadsheet keeps track of all the logistic steps, before the Event, On the day of Event and lists Volunteers assigned to various tasks. Microsoft office online is free to use.  Just log in  with your Microsoft account (or create a new ).  Please note, just click the link to open the Excel spreadsheet and go ahead and edit responsibly.  It will get stored online automatically.   We will be using WhatsApp tool on mobiles for interactive communications within group.


The following folder will contain other collateral pdfs, flyers, and agreed and working documents.


The above is a google drive.



Microsoft office online products are free to use.  Just log in  with your Microsoft account (or create a new account – it is free).

MsOffice online, overview

Excel tutorial

Benefits of Volunteering for AIM for Seva activities locally

Perhaps the first and biggest benefit people get from volunteering is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives and making a difference in their community and country. The intangible benefits alone—such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment—are worthwhile reasons to serve. In addition, when we share our time and talents we:

• Solve Problems as they come along
• Strengthen  our local AIMS and AVC Communities
• Improve  Childrens’ Lives and bring awareness for the goals of AIM for Seva.
• Connect with like minded people
• Transform Our Own Lives especially aided by Spiritual  understanding.

Please join the volunteering group. Contact Madhu Grandhi at madhugrandhi@yahoo.com, 1650 438 1878   to be added to the AIMS Volunteer group on What’sApp for active dialog.  Download  the app for Android or Apple products.


Pictures of local volunteers