Vijay Kapoor <>; director, adviser
Pammi Kapoor <>; fund raising
Madhu Grandhi <>; get’s any job done

Please contact the Team leader if you wish to volunteer for that team.
Kumud Singhal <>
Raj Paripatyadar <>
Chaula Joshi <>
Sushma Bhatia <>
Rani Goel <>
Raji Sridhar <>
Sudharsana Srinivasan <>
Sucheta & Prasad Nallamothu <>

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Major Programs

Program Key Elements Leader
1 Overall Program Management Interfacing with national team
Proposing Events
Calling meetings and phone conferences
Report on various initiatives
Maintaining a calendar of assignments & deliverables
Broadening our volunteers base
Proposing social get togethers
Vijay Kapoor
2 Marketing Material Flyers, posters, ads, appeals, newsletters
Coordination with National marketing material
Kumud Singhal
3 Technology and Tools LiveImpact interface and databases
Fund raising and Event registration Pages
Mailing of newsletters and appeals
Newsletters and tracking of mailing reports
Acknowledgement of donations & registrations
 Raj Paripatyadar
4 Web Page, Social Media
& Advertising
Maintaining AIMS Bay Area web page
Proactive on Facebook
Articles in newspaper
Advertizing in local newspaper
Chaula Joshi
5 Plan Corporate Sponsorship Sign up corporate sponsors
Grants from non-profit organizations
Organizations such as Rotatory
Promote matching grants
Chaula Joshi
6 Event Management Working with overall Program Manager for event and artist selection
Auditorium selection and contracts
Artist hosting
Lobby Decoration
Souvenir distribution
Seat Assignment & Pass distribution
Sushma Bhatia
7 Active presence in local events Sevathons, walk-a-thons
Yoga events
Contact Ethic/language groups
Maintain and promote calendar of local events
Presentation material at these events
Recruit volunteers for help
Raji Sridhar
8 Children helping Children Programs Find out smaller projects which children can sponsor
Develop a project plan
Help them with the process of promoting
and fund raising from their friends and families
Help in family visits to the project
Develop websites, marketing material
Kumud Singhal
9 Plan for new FSHs Know where such buildings are possible
Have the case of building ready(cost, process, etc.)
Communicate the unique advantages of sponsoring an FSHfor family
Knowledgeable of tax advantages
Rani Goel
10 Plan for smaller projects
in a FSH
Solar installations
Computer centers
Online education
Skill development
Rani Goel
11 Plan FSH visits Know the FSHs supported by Bay Area very well
Know FSHs near all major cities
Promote visits to FSHs through articles in newsletters
Follow through to make sure the visits go well
Publish blogs from visitors
Sucheta Nallamothu
12 Plan for Millennial