Children Helping Children (pdf)

Last year, Aria and Siana Kapoor raised $6000 to setup a computer center for the boys living in AIM for Seva’s Free Student Hostel in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Aria (11 years old) created a website to promote the cause and to raise funds did a ‘Swim-a-thon’ where she swam 70 laps. Her sister Siana (10 years old) performed an ‘Adavu-a-thon’ where she presented a one hour classical dance. The girls flew down from the USA with their family and inaugurated the computer center in February 2017. The center has 7 Lenovo computers, a printer and a trainer to teach the children. This was more than just donations. It established an emotional bond far beyond money.Let’s hear from them how they did it all
How did you come up with this idea of doing an adavu-thon and a swim-a thon?
We have participated in many walk-a-thons to raise money for our school and have also made cards for veterans. This time we thought of taking the dance and swim way.
Siana: I have been involved with Indian classical dance for 5 years.
Aria: And I have been swimming for 6 years. I also participated in COOL (Community Outreach Organization and Leadership) at school. We collected and donated socks to a homeless shelter and Halloween candy to US troops.
Did they do some kind of a preparation before the event?
Siana: Aria designed the website on her own, and we got help on the content.
Aria: Papa’s friend helped us create a link for funds raised to go directly to AIM for Seva. We also made a poster to display at the events.
How was your experience in India?
Siana: This was our first trip to India. We really enjoyed it. It was a really unique experience. One of our favorite memories was visiting the Udaipur FSH. We played games with our new friends in Udaipur.
Aria: Even though we didn’t speak a common language, we found it easy to interact. We loved the performances the kids had prepared.
Would you like to do such events in future?
Siana: We definitely want to do more events like this one. We hope to visit the FSH again in the future and perhaps visit another one in South India